Tango Aurora  



Leroy has studied tango with and been inspired by:-

Alison Vale; Miguel Gonzales; Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne; Leandro and Andrea; Junior Soares; Hector Falcon; Kely and Facundo; Jill Barret; Carlos Gavito.

Professionally trained in contemporary ballet, jazz and African dance Leroy has been teaching Argentine tango in Oxford for more than 20 years. The Leroy Tango Cat style is smooth, sensual and playful. It has soul and passion mixed with elegance.

Leroy says:

“Everyone can dance tango. Tango fits every--body.”

“Tango is an individual expression of a collective experience”

Oxford Tango Teacher Leroy Tango Cat

Leroy is able to teach Tango in the (Salon) or (Milonguero) style and he also has knowledge of Nuevo Tango techniques.  He teaches with precision and clarity and loves to share his ideas of techniques, figures, musicality and the embrace, while emphasizing the importance of expression and feeling. He has knowledge of the technique and skills of both leader and follower.

Tango is an improvisational dance. The dancer must be free to express what they feel. However they must know the context for this expression.  

Leroy teaches the dancer to dance well, for the social setting, not only for the stage. He shares the importance of the correct etiquette required to dance socially. The dancer is given a strategy and a skillset to achieve this.

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