Tango Aurora  



19:30 - 21:30         Monday  

Price per class       £10 per person            

We build on the foundation laid in the beginner class and focus on an improved connection with the dancing partner, the music and the milonga around you. You will learn more figures with an attention to technique for both leaders and followers.

We continue to extend the skills acquired in the beginner and improver classes, working on technique and enlarging our vocabulary of the language of tango.

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20:30 - 22:00       Thursday

Price per class     £6  per person


Tango Lesson in Oxford with Leroy at Tango Aurora Botley WI

If you can walk, you can tango. This is the beginning of your tango journey and it lays the foundation of dancing with a partner, technique, floor craft and style.

Tango Embrace Leroy Tango Aurora Oxford

19:30 - 20:30       Thursday              

Price per class     £6  per person


Tango Aurora caters for all levels of experience.

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